Rider Testimonials

See what our Riders are experiencing!


Sandra lives alone and has no vehicle of her own. She receives Medicaid benefits, which pay for her rides with the RTA to her medical appointments. While she waits to be approved for elderly waiver with her insurance company, she was very limited on how often she could get to the store and wasn't able to visit much with her friends. She was missing out on buying healthy foods and social interaction.

When she was told about the Rides for Wellness Vouchers, her life was changed. She is no longer left to sit alone at home, she can visit with her friends, and make regular trips to Walmart to buy groceries and even mingle with people there while shopping!

suzie_rta Suzanne lives in Manchester, and after acting as their foster parent, she adopted her two great granddaughters who she now refers to as her daughters. Suzanne was told by her doctor that because of her failing eyesight, she can no longer drive. Suzanne began walking her two young daughters, ages 7 and 5, to and from school. They live too close to the school for busing, but far enough that Suzanne wasn't comfortable with the girls walking alone.

There were no school busing options per the School Board.  Suzanne spoke to Manchester's Chamber of Commerce, and they connected her with the RTA, and the United Way Rides for Wellness vouchers. Tom, a volunteer driver for the Delaware County Connections program, drove the girls each day he was needed, with Suzanne as their chaperone until they were comfortable riding alone.  The girls continue to ride safely with the RTA.


Jim suffered a brain injury some years ago, and for a long time his wife cared for him. When she passed away, Jim went into a deep depression. He registered with Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging (NEIAAA), which provided him with Scenic Valley ride tickets for the RTA.   To supplement the number of monthly Scenic Valley tickets, Jim also applied for Rides for Wellness vouchers at Operation New View in Maquoketa. 

Because of the vouchers, he was able to increase his number of RTA rides in a month.  Jim has grown to depend on the RTA to take him to the YMCA for a water walking program, which strengthens his muscles. He also participates now in a card club, and because he is being sociable, he is not focused on his grief and is doing much better!