Medical Appointments

The RTA provides transportation to medical appointments on a reservation basis to hospitals and clinics in Delaware, Dubuque and Jackson counties as well as the University of Iowa Hopsitals and Clinics. Madison and Cedar Rapids (subject to availability).

Reservations for service are requested 24 hours in advance. Same day service is subject to availability. Dispatch hours are 5am-5pm. If you are a Medicaid recipient, are a member of NEIAAA (60 years and older) or veteran, please provide that information when you make your reservation. RTA is a contracted provider for the State of Iowa MCO’s and in partnership with NEIAAA (Scenic Valley). RTA services are available to people of all race, color, sex and income levels. If you would like more information on RTA fee assistance, call 1.800.839.5005 / 563.588.4592.